Went to watch Wall-e with DH today. It was a really cute movie, once you got past the you need to take care of the earth, or we will all live in space be fat, and Earth will have piles of trash higher than the buildings in New York City ‘Humans are evil” theme behind the movie.

Wall-e is your typical trouble maker, who is one of the robots cleaning up after humans left earth. One of my favorite scenes with Wall-e is when he found a Diamond ring in a box, and tosses the Diamond Ring away, to keep its box.

Eve is a probe that seeks for organic material on earth.

Wall-e meets Eve and falls in love with her. I thought the relationship between Eve and Wall-e was very cute, and cried when Wall-e got crushed.. but Eve fixed Wall-e and like every good Disney film should end… this one did have a happy ending.

I give the movie 3.5 stars. Definitely would recommend either renting this movie or seeing it in the dollar theater.

3 and a half stars


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