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The House of Comarré series by Kristen Painter

ForbiddenBlood-cover_sm  Cover_Blood-Rights-SM  FAB-Cover-2_SM Painter_Bad-Blood-MM_SM  OutforBlood_MM_SM  Painter_LastBlood-MM_SM

Last night I finished the House of Comarré series by Kristen Painter.

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Left at the Door: Ender’s Game & My decision to start a new blog

I read Ender’s Game around 20 years ago. I don’t remember if it was assigned reading at school, or suggested reading by a teacher, librarian or friend. At this point in my life, I don’t really care to remember. It’s sufficient to know that I have read the book. I am an avid reader, and while I don’t go to a movie each week, I do enjoy watching a movie that grabs my interest.


Tonight I went to see the movie ‘Ender’s Game’ with my baby sister. Going into the evening my options were

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