Left at the Door: Ender’s Game & My decision to start a new blog

I read Ender’s Game around 20 years ago. I don’t remember if it was assigned reading at school, or suggested reading by a teacher, librarian or friend. At this point in my life, I don’t really care to remember. It’s sufficient to know that I have read the book. I am an avid reader, and while I don’t go to a movie each week, I do enjoy watching a movie that grabs my interest.


Tonight I went to see the movie ‘Ender’s Game’ with my baby sister. Going into the evening my options were

  • Ender’s Game
  • Thor: The Dark Worlds
  • The Saratov Approach

Each movie has it’s pros and cons. Being that my baby sister isn’t the most on top of current pop culture & releases in Hollywood, she asked me a little about why each movie was on my list, and my thoughts on them.

I gave her my pros and cons for each, and after some discussion the decision was made to see Ender’s Game.

My Cons for Ender’s Game stem from my reading of the book nearly 20 years ago. The book left a distinct impression on me, and I am sure it was not the one Orson Scott Card hoped for when he wrote the book.I have never re-read Ender’s Game, nor another book by Orson Scott Card in the 20 years since first reading Ender’s Game.

Going into the movie, I knew I was leaving some baggage, reservations and principles at the door to the theater. I was also leaving behind a 20 year self imposed ban on anything written, or based off the work of Orson Scott Card.

What won me over? My love of Science Fiction/Fantasy and the quality of work shown in the Previews for Ender’s Game. In short it looked amazing. It peaked my interests.

Coming out of the movie, I still struggle with the supposed genus behind Ender’s Game. In find the lack of morals shown by many of the characters, either by action or inaction disturbing. The selfish use of innocents, the baiting, and backstabbing they are willing to inflict on the young are morally wrong. In my opinion the only saving grace of the book and movie come in through Ender, his sister, and what become his small group of loyal friends. They exhibit humanity, loyalty, faith and selflessness that are needed in our world. I know that Orson Scott Card recently announced a sequel to Ender’s Game, and honestly I am interested in where he decides to take his story. I am also planning to add Ender’s Game to my ‘To Be Read’ list.

On my way home after the movie I started thinking. Each time we open a book, sit down for a movie, or other media, we open a door to a new world. One where at the end, we find both that we have left something at the door when we started, or that we have found lacking in our lives. We exit out the same door we started at different people than we entered. Whether that person is a better person, or worse for wear depends not solely on the author, but where we are as a person when we enter their world.

Would I recommend Ender’s Game to another, at this point I can’t honestly say I would or would not recommend the book. The movie however, is a must see for any serious Sci-Fi fan. I would give the movie 4 1/2 stars. While the graphics were superb, there were parts of the book that I feel were needlessly left out of the story, and including them wouldn’t have taken more than 30 seconds here or there, and would have increased the story dramatically.

Look for new posts coming soon.

four and a half stars


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