The Hunger Games Trilogy

I’ve been pondering for the last week on how to do my review of the second movie of the hunger games trilogy Catching Fire. I feel I need to post my review for the books first, as I need to separate the books from the movies.

HungerGames  catchingfire  MockingJay

I tried reading The Hunger Games book when it first came out, it is so poorly written in my opinion that I didn’t get past her first chapter in my first attempt.

After much persuasion on behalf of my sister in law to give it another chance I borrowed the book on Amazon and read it while waiting for surgery. I still believe it is poorly written, but I went in with the determination to read the books despite the lack writing skill by Ms Collins. I read all 3 books over Thursday/Friday/Monday (one day each).

The story revolves around Katniss & Peeta from District 12 in Panem. First thing lacking is that they discuss the 13 districts & capitol; and how the ‘dark days’ when the districts warred against the capitol; but not how The United States/Canada/Mexico ended up forming the districts, and creating Panem. While I can live without knowing this bit of information, if you’re going to take the time to bring it up multiple times, please give more information, instead of expecting us to guess about how this occurred. In all 3 books this is brought up, and no information is given to us in background ever.

What really bothered me the most about Katniss was that for someone supposedly in a position that she hunts for food to supplement her family’s meager rations, and with a debt she feels she could never repay, how she can repeatedly mistreat so badly the person she feels she is in debt to.

I do get the merit of Katniss being so extremely unaware of any male attention directed to her, because at 16 we all think we aren’t worthy of the attention of the opposite sex. Once she is made aware of Peeta’s and Gayle’s affections, she lashes out at both by using the other boy to fuel jealousy. A low move on her part, and for the 2 guys, they both should have moved on after they saw she wasn’t going to make up her mind one way or another.

My biggest issue with the series is that Ms Collins relies way too heavily on the shock value of what is written, that the violence carries the story through all 3 books, and not the story line itself.

I am not going to write separate reviews for each book, because there is really nothing remarkable in any of the story lines to set the books apart. They all have about the same story line, and the same unresolved issues at the end. Even with the last book, the ending would have been better had she not written the last chapter.

I rate the books so-so (3 stars). Poorly written, Imaginative (but I’ve read similar stories before (Battle Royal)), and really lacking a solid backbone. I think the only reason they were so wildly popular is that Harry Potter & Twilight had ended publication, been raved about to no end, and the groupies from those series needed another popular series to turn to.

3 stars


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