The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I went to see Catching Fire on Black Friday with family. Having disliked the series so much, and not really having thought the first movie was slightly better than the book, I didn’t hold too much hope for this movie. Sadly I found this movie to be sub-par to the already bad book.

While most movies do a good job of explaining some of the more of the reasoning, or feelings, with this movie Katniss while choosing alliance for the games, has her reasons for wanting specific people, and the directors, and editors of the film did a completely horrible job in showing why she wanted the ‘crazies’. Sadly the book has a much better description and dialog between Katniss and Hamish when the discussion of the allies come.

The one thing the movie excelled at was the special effects. I also feel that they misportrayed the game master, and the hints that were given to Katniss about the arena, and the alliance prior to entry in the arena in the book were shockingly absent in the movie.

Overall the movie receives 3.5 stars, despite it’s failings, the Visual Effects, and the fact that it did keep my attention.

3 and a half stars

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