The Way of Kings: Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

I finished Brandon Sanderson’s book ‘The Way of Kings’ in 2010.

This book is excellently written, and rarely do I find a book that I can honestly say I read the book at the right time in my life. This book is the first in what promises to be the next epic fantasy series that will become a must read. I met the author the day the book was released (and the day before flying to England) at a book signing. I needed a book to read on the plane.

His inscription in my book read:

To Heidi-

Life Before Death

This is a part of a larger phrase that plays into one of the major themes in the book, and the one I’ll focus on, as well as the reason I needed the message.

Life Before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination.

Living your life is not easy. Dieing is easier, but we are tasked with living.
Being strong for those who are weak. Fighting for those who are unable to fight for themselves. Protecting those who can not protect themselves. This is a sacred duty each and everyone of us has been given.
Journey before Destination. In life we all are heading to the same destination: Death. Its what we do with the journey that matters, not how we get there.

In the book, a story is told of a king, who decides to walk from one city, to another that is a far distance away. His court & advisers are not pleased with his decision, as he wants to go as a common man. He convinces them to allow him to go in the garb of a common farmer, with a small bag of supplies. He walks from the city he is the king of, to this distant city, going homeless, hungry, and experiencing the best and worst of mankind along the way. When he reaches his destination, the guards don’t want to let this grimy, less than desirable man in. Once it is made known who he is, he is given a king’s welcome, cleaned up and dressed in his silks.

His court & advisers ask him what he expected to get from his experience, and he says the journey. Yes he could have taken the well guarded, easy path, being driven in a carriage, but he would have missed the journey. The sights, and experiences.

It is this message that I needed to hear, and this message that I hope everyone can learn. Because of this book, and what the author took the time to tell me, to follow my dreams and let nothing stand in my way, that I will be working more on my own book.

I give this book 5 stars, and recommend that each and everyone of you take the opportunity to read the book. To an exceptional author, I thank you for writing a book with this message.

My rating: 5 Stars!

5 stars

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