Warbreaker: Brandon Sanderson


Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Another stunning book by Brandon!

The magic in the book is inventive, and the limitations on what can and can not be done test the bounds of magic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and am glad that I decided to go ahead and purchase the book when I got lost in the online manuscript provided free on Mr Sanderson’s website.

*This review contains spoilers* Click More to continue reading.

Siri and Vivianna are sisters who couldn’t be more different from each other. Vivenna the older sister is prim, proper, and in every way despises those who use Breath & Color. Siri the younger sister, is adventurous, loves colors, and finds the world around her drab.

When color can be used as a weapon against you, it’s hard to allow it around you. When their father is forced by an old peace treaty to send his daughter to be married to the undead god king, he finds that he is unable to be parted from Vivianna who has been raised her whole life for this roll. He instead sends his youngest Siri as the bride.

Both Siri and Vivenna feel that they are in someway being punished for a misdeed at first. Vivenna unable to dream of allowing her sister the torture of living in a world full of color, and heathens, whom she is unprepared to live in follows her sister to Hallandren. She meets up with a contact of her father’s whom she has been writing to on the situation. She finds her source near death, and a hieratic to all she believes and he claimed to, only to find herself the unwanted recipient of breath she must struggle to adjust to who she is, and who she has become.

Siri finds herself in a world full of color, married to a man who doesn’t seem to want her. She is befriended by a god who doesn’t believe he is the god they say, and who questions his role as one of the divine.

Siri comes to find that the man she has married is unprepared for marriage. Through teaching him to read & write, she comes to love her husband and he her.

When their world is threatened, both Siri and Vivenna come to find strength in who they have become, and our cynical god finds that he chose to come back to save those he loved from war.

I give this book a solid 5 star rating.

5 stars


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