Disney’s Frozen

I recently went to see Disney’s newest Frozen with my Husband, and some family friends.


While I generally like Disney Movies, I haven’t fallen in love with one since probably Beauty & The Beast. Prior to seeing this movie I had been listening to Glenn Beck on the radio, and was agreeing with him that Disney was a dying company. They hadn’t come out with anything truly innovative or that made you love their company in a long time.

Frozen was able to make me rethink this train of thought and changed my mind.

The movie is absolutely charming and completely enchanting. Also in a first for Disney, the concept that you don’t need a man to save you. You can be a strong independent female, who loves a man, however that man is not necessary to save or protect you.

I absolutely loved Olaf (the snowman) who loves warm hugs. He has some gems for lines including some girls are worth melting for.

This movie gets 5 stars, and I will definitely be purchasing it when it is available.

5 stars

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