War of the Princes (Series): A. R. Ivanovich

Haven    Dragoon

War of the Princes (Series) by A. R. Ivanovich

This review is for books 1 and 2 only. It will be updated as new books are released.

In reading Haven there was a lot I enjoyed (like many of the reviewers), and a lot I had issue with (again like many of the reviewers).

Did not like the love triangle… Been there (Hello… Have you read Twilight, Hunger Games?) I am so very happy it got nipped in the butt when it did…

I did like the abilities.. Would love a list of all the abilities, and what they are (similar to how epic fantasies let you know a bit more about their magic systems).

I would recommend finishing even if you want to slap Miss Kestrel before you finish.

Dragoon occurs about a yearish after Haven. Katelyn (Miss Kestrel) is struggling with living in the peaceful world of Haven. When she is attached by one of her classmates, she accidentally uses her ability to shock him, and is taken into custody by the authorities.

In this book Ms. Ivanovich redeems Katelyn a little; however I still find her to be extremely selfish, and her invincibility complex makes her reckless at times.

The other characters from Haven in this book, bring a wealth of information about the society in general from which Katelyn and the other Haven Valley residents come from, and a selfish desire to keep the youth in the dark about who they really are. In the end Katelyn is faced with the result of her choices, and the choices of others, having to take on a roll that she isn’t prepared for.

I look forward to book 3 coming out.

So far the series has a 4.5 star rating.

four and a half stars


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