The Terran Gambit: Endi Webb

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The Terran Gambit by Endi Webb

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book in what promises to be an action packed series. Endi is an evil genius. He had me racking my brain for half a day, even after I asked him if he had written this as a short story before, trying to figure out where I had heard a particular concept. He told me he had not, but didn’t tell me any more. I eventually figured it out, and the homage he paid to Timothy Zhan and one of the most diabolical villains of literature is amazing.

Towards the end of the book, the POV characters grew, and in growing, I felt that Anya Grace missed her voice at the beginning. Endi has promised me this will be rectified (at a later date as he felt he couldn’t do justice to it so close to the release).

He also throws in a few curve balls you never see coming towards the end of the book.

My biggest complaint was the lack of what I felt was important back story.

My feed back to Endi was:

I still don’t feel like I have a understanding of how earth became a space traveling society, about when it happened nor why it became a target of the empire. Why did the resistance form (what injustices were perpetuated, was the empire overly aggressive in acquisition of earth, were we invited to join??? etc)

I understand this will come in future books which I am excited to read.

I give this book a solid 4 stars. It kept me wanting to come back and read more.

4 stars


The Corsican Empire, or New Rome, as it styles itself, extends the reach of the “Pax Humana” across the thousand worlds, ruling with force and fear. 40 years ago, they returned to Earth, subjugating it and claiming the ancient home of humanity for the Empire.

Now, in 2675, Earth fights back.

Lieutenant Jacob Mercer likes fast motorcycles, faster women, and screamin’ fighters. As a reckless space jock in the Resistance fleet he lives for the thrill, and to take out as many Imperial bogeys as he can. At least, more than his buddies.

But with victory in sight, the Imperials thwart the Resistance in a surprise show of devastating force, and Dallas burns from a thermonuclear blast—millions die—a merciless example of what happens to upstart worlds in the Pax Humana.

The Resistance goes underground to rebuild its strength, and in the shadows, the leadership devises a daring plan to strike right at the Empire’s heart in a final, desperate bid for freedom.

A plan that will send Jake Mercer right to where he doesn’t belong: The captain’s chair of the most advanced warship in the galaxy, facing down a psychopathic Imperial Admiral bent on utterly destroying the Resistance, and Earth itself.

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