Elantris: Brandon Sanderson


Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Where to start… I’ll go to the very beginning… This is the first book by Brandon Sanderson I ever read… In all fact, I didn’t even know who Brandon Sanderson was, other than ‘The guy who was going to finish WoT’ when I picked up this book.

I am a habitual reader. Its a rare day to see me without a book, so when Robert Jordan died, I came into work and one of my co-workers (also a WoT fan) asked if I had heard that RJ had died, I told him no I hadn’t… (yeah I’m not the best on keeping up with the news)… Well needless to say I was bummed that WoT hadn’t been finished before RJ’s untimely death, and I was hoping that another author would step in to finish the series, but at the same time hoping it wasn’t an author that had 0 imagination. However long after RJ’s death when Harriet selected Brandon to finish WoT I decided that I needed to check Brandon out (I mean really if he sucked, why spend the time to finish what would become a ruined series?). What better place to start than with his first published work? Well that’s exactly what I did.

I picked up Elantris, and within the first 2 pages I was hooked! I mean who comes up with killing off someone who obviously plays a HUGE part in the books in the first chapter???!!! To top it off, we find our outspoken Princess at odds in her new home, and a widow before she’s ever married.

Brandon weaves a spell over you as you read from 3 separate view points the same events, and unlike the failed movies and books where it gets repetitive, Brandon manages to make it refreshing and exciting.

By the end of the book, there are so many surprises, twists and turns, that you end up finding that your villain isn’t really your villain, someone you gave little thought to other than that he was crazy is your true villain, and your Heroes are a rag tag bunch of misfits and outcasts who end up shaming a king & father in law (on accident), causing the demise of the ruling house (by nature of the same accident), and those who were outcasts becoming more than they first thought they could be.

I was disappointed at the end of the book, not because there was anything wrong with the book other than that it was over, and I wanted more. This definitely goes on the list of 100 books you want to read before you die.

I give Elantris 5 Stars.

5 stars

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