The Mistborn Trilogy: Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn The Well of Ascension The Hero of Ages

Mistborn: The Final EmpireThe Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages  by Brandon Sanderson

On Mistborn: The Final Empire

This is the second book I read by Brandon Sanderson, the first being Elantris. So rarely have I found a book that is so similar to the writing style of the author, but so entirely different in the magic concepts from another book by the author.

What I loved most about this particular book was that it took me by surprise that Brandon not only understood the complexity of a cast social structure, but was able to write viewpoints from varying levels within the cast system and be believable. His characters are well rounded, and the limits of what they can do so well defined, that what they can’t do contributes as much to the story as what they can.

When I started reading Brandon’s work it was shortly after it was announced that he would be taking over and completing the works by Robert Jordan. At first I read to make sure I would continue the WoT series, but after this book he went on my ‘Always List’ of authors. My ‘Always list’ is a list of Authors that I don’t need to know anything about the book, but if I see it and I need a new book they are on the top of my list to purchase and read.

I don’t even remember the date I finished reading this book, but I have re-read it many times and will continue to do so in the future.

On the Well of Ascension

What more can I say about Brandon’s books other than that I have never met a book of his I didn’t like. I went straight from Mistborn into The Well of Ascension, and was as impressed with the second book as I was with the first. Brandon’s writings allow for the unexpected to happen with little to no incongruity to the story.

The twists and turns that you discover through the story make you rethink the first book as you read the second. What if … What if the bad guy really was just trying to be a good guy? What if the real villain escapes his prison of thousands of years? What If…

Brandon weaves an excellent story that draws you in to his world, and forces you to imagine what if… As one of my Always Authors, I recommend anything by Brandon.

On The Hero of Ages

How do you conquer evil when evil has no tangible form, no face, and is wreaking havoc on the world around you? When evil can read the things you write, and change the clues to lead you astray?

In a shocking turn of events in this book I first believed that Brandon really was one of ‘The Great Authors’ of our day.. If you read previous reviews on Brandon’s work by me you will know that I first read him after Robert Jordan’s death and the announcement that Brandon had been chosen to finish the work on the WoT series. It was this book that convinced me that the right decision had been made. Not only is Brandon willing to kill off major characters, he will kill off his main characters for the story to progress, and those you almost forget find their true purpose in the grand scheme of things.

A great read, and highly recommended. Brandon manages yet again to draw you into a world where your imagination can run wild, and you feel you can actually see the ash falls, and mists and taste the fear of going out in the mists.

Each book, and the entire series receives 5 stars from me.

5 stars

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