Words of Radiance: Brandon Sanderson


Words of Radiance
By Brandon Sanderson

Another brilliant book by Brandon Sanderson. As with The Way of Kings, this book came at exactly the right time for me. The lessons that Shallan, Kaladin, Adolin, Dalinar and Elokher needed to learn throughout the book, are ones that I can relate to. ** spoiler alert **

The most pointed lesson I felt belonged to Kaladin, and it took him some time to realize that the promises you make are only as alive or dead as you make them. Pairing that with the lesson that sometimes the right thing to do, involves helping those you despise. It takes him losing the powers he has come to rely on to realize that he was not only making bad decisions, but that his instinct at first was right, and that it was not Elokher, Dalinar or Galivar’s fault that his brother died and his family was ridiculed at the hands of Roshone, it was the actions of Roshone himself that caused these, and he couldn’t transfer the blame to anyone else. He also realized that Moash was wrong in placing the blame on Elokher. These realizations allowed him to grow a great deal through out the story.

Dalinar had to face the truth that wishing would not change the past, and that he could not allow friendship to blind one from the truth. It took him trusting in his instincts to see beyond the friendship, and keep his word. He found what Galivar had asked him to find, and in doing so, he was able to become the man that he wanted to be. He was also to gain the loyalty of Shallan and Kaladin.

Elokher had to learn that not everyone had his best interest at heart, and that allowing his feelings to control him caused more problems than they solved. Sincerity is what he had to find to start to become the man he needs to be.He realized that he was spoiled, and a bad king. His humility allowed Kaladin to realize that he could do the right thing in protecting someone he disliked greatly.

Shallan‘s lesson was that you could bind yourself in ways you hadn’t expected, and that curiosity could in fact be deadly. She had to stop hiding from the truth to grow. Her search for the truth binds her to a faction that she didn’t fully wish to be bound to, and I want to know how she continues, and if she can tell the truth to Adolin.

Adolin had to learn to trust others, and himself. The lesson for him was especially hard, and learning this lesson will make him better. I see he has many lessons yet to learn, but I’m excited to see where he ends up. He makes some very difficult decisions, but is able to put aside his dislike for Kaladin, and work with him, and in doing so he gains a valuable ally and friend.

I think this is the most we have seen from Hoid/Wit in any of Brandon’s books, and I am interested in learning more about him, and the Seventeenth Shard. I truly am excited for this series, and am thankful that Brandon had the foresight and courage to write this story. Thank you yet again for writing a book that teaches us that doing the right thing, even when it’s not the popular thing is still right.

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