My husband, my niece and I all went to Maleficent over it’s opening weekend. The following week I took my mommy and baby sister to see this movie. I truly enjoyed the movie, as it takes the villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and shows her as more than just an evil witch who curses the Princess Aurora as an infant.

I am one who believes there are two sides to every story, and this shows us the other side. The story follows her (Maleficent) from a young trusting stage, to the evil witch we all knew growing up, through redemption. To me her redemption is the most important, as it gives us all hope that even the worst seeming of us can change.  This movie has gone onto a very short list of movies I will buy at release. This is an inspiring, uplifting film, and not nearly as dark as the previews make it out to be.

Angelina Jolie has never been a favorite actress of mine, but she was superb in this film, and played the part of Maleficent perfectly. I know there are many critics out there who feel the scenes in the movie with her daughter detract from the overall film, I am not one of these. I feel the scene brought the story more into perspective, and sets the viewers up for events that would occur later in the film.

This is another win for Disney, and gives me hope that they can become the company they used to be.

I give this film a solid 5 stars.

5 stars


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