Hubby and I went to see Interstellar in November.

It’s been a while I know, but I have wanted to make sure I know where I was on the movie review. Generally my thoughts don’t really change after mulling over the movie; however Interstellar is one of the movies that the more I thought about it, the more my opinion changed. My first impression was that I loved the movie, but at the end it seemed to be a bit disjointed and that the writers weren’t sure how to end the movie. The more I thought about it, and let it sit, the more I’ve come to see how ingenious the ending was. The movie delves deeply into actual science as well as science fiction (possible in the realms of science). After seeing the movie I watched a show on the Science of Interstellar on I believe Sci-fi on TV. I loved the look into what went into the thought and process of making the movie. The AI in the movie was one of my favorite aspects of the the entire movie. They weren’t sleek/humanoid, but the way they dreamed the AI and executed them was impressive. I would recommend both at first and now seeing this movie.

It rates a high 4.5 Stars

four and a half stars


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