Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m not one to generally go to Super Hero movies. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy with my husband and a bunch of his coworkers for one of those, go to a movie with your spouse & coworkers deals paid for by his work. (Yes I know it came out several months ago, and that yet again I’ve waited a while to post my review on it).

I really enjoyed the movie. There is some crude humor, and some adult humor, but overall I really couldn’t stop laughing. The story revolves around four unlikely heroes:┬áPeter Quill a human who was abducted from Earth in the 80s, Gamora the Green Assassin, Rocket a mutated Racoon Thief Cather and his partner Groot a walking, talking Tree who can only say ‘I am Groot.’ I sometimes wonder how tired Vin Diesel got having to say this in every conceivable way possible, and how much they had to pay him for this.

The movie is quite fun to watch, and a good laugh. I would recommend that parents watch it first before allowing children to see. You may not want your children exposed to the humor in the movie. I highly recommend it to people who don’t mind a bit of off humor, but for those who don’t like that kind of humor, this movie isn’t for you.

I give the movie 4.25 Stars due to crude humor. 4.5 as I round up to the next half.

four and a half stars


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