Why I won’t be reading/watching 50 Shades of Grey

I can still remember when I first started hearing about 50 Shades of Grey. Everyone was over the moon that some nobody was able to turn fan-fiction of Twilight (Dear Me… Someone wrote Fan Fiction about Twilight) into a new story and publish it. I had no idea what the book was about, Seriously Look at the cover (and that’s all I had seen at this point). It could be a business dress novel, or a trashy romance novel.


Turned out to be the second. I waited until the book started to get reviews, then I went hunting for 1 star reviews. Honestly, if you want to know why you should or should not read a book, the 1 star reviewers are your best friends. They won’t gush over how Ana (Bella) and Christian (Edward) are so great and how the books live up to Twilight (ok well maybe they will if they, like myself, HATED Twilight).

Some of my favorite reviews are as follows:

From Amazon

review amazon 1

Again from Amazon

review amazon 2

From Goodreads (Worth the click through) They are a bit long


Also a favorite of mine from Goodreads


And then there is this gem from Goodreads


I’m sure you’re starting to get the point… The reviews are better written than the book (or so I’ve heard) and seeing some of the actual quotes from the book, I am willing to bet that the reviewers are right.

By book 2 & 3 the reviews got better (funnier) and my lack of initial desire to read the book had grown.

11857408 13536860

Top off that many of the reviews I followed started with a disturbing trend that pointed to Mr Grey being a mentally, physically and sexually abusive individual. Below are some Movie Posters with Actual Quotes from the Books.









I’ve lived through abusive, why would I want to read this trash? To top it off, anytime ANYONE says that Mr Grey is abuse, our friendly author Miss E. L. James gets defensive that he isn’t and that this is an erotic Love Story.

Even the poor actors in the movie think it’s disturbing and abusive


and thankful I don’t even need to mention statistics as this site has already done the leg work.


Then there is Matt Walsh and his 4 reasons for women to hate 50 Shades


As I mentioned, there is little left for me to say as everyone has already beat me to the soap box. Now, lets hope for something decent to come out soon.



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