Live Action Cinderella. I wonder how many people (myself included) cringed when this was first announced? How was Disney ever to live up to the original with Mice that talk not to mention are transformed into Horses, Geese that become Coach Drives and Dogs for Coach Men. Not to mention Glass Slippers.

I was pleasantly surprised when the movie ended. The CGI work was tasteful, and Disney had fun with all the magical transformations. Green Coachment who tried to catch flies on the run! Add to this the underlying theme of having courage and being kind. It proves how powerful words and names can be, and how kindness can change the world.


What I loved about the movie, was that the Evil Step Mother, and Step Sisters took Cinderella’s kindness for weakness, where it really was a strength. Ella’s kindness went beyond anything they could understand, and allowed her to change the world around her without really knowing. Even the step mother and step sisters were changed in small ways due to her kindness. Yes they went above and beyond to make her life miserable, but it was because of her kindness they were so awful to her.


In the end we get our happily ever after, and a Step Mom and Step Sisters who truly get their just deserts.

I give this movie a solid 5 star rating and highly recommend to families and adults wanting to alone.

5 stars

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