The Werewolf’s Christmas Wish (Nocturne Falls) by Kristen Painter


The Werewolf’s Christmas Wish (Nocturne Falls)
by Kristen Painter

I received an ARC for Kristen’s story only in exchange for an honest review. I have not read any of the other stories in the anthology.

When can I move to Nocturne Falls? Honestly, Kristen has a town that is so well built that you can just see it actually existing. Her characters are so well developed that you feel like you know them and they are great neighbors. Not to mention that you can see yourself being friends with these people and spending hours on end talking to them at girls night out. The Werewolf’s Christmas Wish was such a great story, and like any good book, it left me wanting A LOT more. I can hope and beg that we get a full story out of this short, because the characters definitely deserve a full book. With how the story ends, I can just see imagine what happens next, and I really hope that Kristen gives us more to this story.

No Violence
No Sex
Rating PG

I give this story a 5 stars easily.

5 stars


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