The Sevenwaters Series by Juliet Marillier


The SevenWaters Series
By Juliet Marieller

I felt the need to review the SevenWaters Series in two sets. The original Trilogy and the later books.

The first trilogy I read in late 2001 – early 2002. I had to wait for the third book to be released to read it. This trilogy heavily influenced my online persona as after reading the second book, whose heroine is Liadan, I started using Liadan as an online handle. The first 3 books touched me deeply. The stories of Sorcha, Liadan and Fainne are so full of emotion, life and reality. You can imagine yourself in the story, or stepping out into ancient Ireland in the middle of the forest or the honeycomb.

You can relate to the trials that the heroines face. The characters are multi-dimensional and well rounded. The love stories are believable, and take a course that while you can see that while there will be struggles in the relationships, and the happily ever after is never a promise, that the couples will fight for their HEA as much as they can. The loss of Sorcha makes us cry because we fell in love with her in Daughter of the Forest, but the way her children and Red go on is the way it’s meant to be.

The struggle of Good vs Evil and the way to win back the islands leads our stories to an extent through all the books. The books in my opinion are perfectly written, and the end is what is expected. The old faith is preserved, and those who were trapped in their own darkness see that they can follow the light. The story wrapped up perfectly.


Then 6 years later, we revisit the SevenWaters family. The trilogy with a short novella that is referenced in the final book, but otherwise not really discussed. The final trilogy follows Sean’s children as they mature, marry, and make their way in the world of SevenWaters. We revisit first starting about 4 years after the end of the first trilogy. The Tuatha de Danann (Fair folk) that we knew from the first trilogy are gone west, and a more malevolent group has now moved in, lead by none other than the trickster MacDara himself. This second set of books seems to be more forced than the first. The situations not as real and the love stories somewhat lacking. I know that Miss Marillier was battling cancer while writing some of them, but the stories don’t really fit into the same series in the first books. The characters don’t seem as well rounded, and the love stories seem a bit forced in some cases. I loved Sibeal’s love story, it was the most well rounded, and feasible. Clodagh’s story had me feeling a little disappointed because it seems that her feelings shift from Aiden to Cathal with really no reason, and she doesn’t seem to mourn Aiden after he’s killed by MacDara. The one I had the most trouble with is Maeve. The interest in Luachan is so much more real than Artagan/Bear connection. Maeve looks at Bear & Badger as dogs. Pets. Not a love interest. When all of a sudden the dogs turn human, without any explanation, or knowing who she’s talking to, Maeve accepts a proposal of marriage. It all seemed like the fairy godmother waved her magic wand and poof the ending is exactly how she wanted it, and the rest of the book be magically forgotten.

Twixt Firelight and Water was my favorite of the last set of books as it does answer the question of what/who is Fiacha?

My ratings are for each book

Book 1: Daughter of the Forest

four and a half starsBook 2: Son of the Shadows

5 stars

 Book 3: Child of Prophecy

four and a half stars

Book 4: Heir to SevenWaters

4 stars

Book 5: Seer of SevenWaters

4 stars

Book 5.5: Twixt Firelight and Water

four and a half stars

Book 6: Flame of SevenWaters

3 and a half stars

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