The Choice

The Choice 2016 English Movie

The Choice

I recently went to see The Choice. Going into the movie I knew nothing about what it was, other than it was really the only movie that looked halfway appealing to see while hubby went to see Deadpool since I had no desire to see it. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies wasn’t showing, and anything else I wanted to see had either started or wasn’t showing until 7:00.

So here is what I learned about this movie… and yes there are quite a few spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers about the story stop reading here. Otherwise you’ve been warned, and you can’t hold me responsible for anything you find out that you didn’t want to know.

The choice set in Coastal North Carolina (at least that’s what Wikipedia says) .

The movie seems to start in the present, Travis is driving a boat, and walks into the hospital. Travis mentions to the he attending doctor that’s he’s being too easy on him. The attending doctor then tells him that he is too hard on himself. We then go back in time 7 to 10 years.


Travis seems to have it all. A good job, a beautiful beachfront home, good friends, the ability to flirt with ANYONE, a loyal dog, and an on again, off again relationship with a girl.


When his new neighbor Gabby confronts him over the noise he makes (radio on loud), he immediately falls for her. Despite her being in a fairly stable relationship with another man with seemingly little to desire in the relationship, Gabby entertains Travis’ attentions. When her fiance/boyfriend leaves for 6 weeks for work, she invites Travis over for dinner, which leads to an affair between the two.


When Gabby’s boyfriend/fiance returns, the affair is off, and Travis is left wanting more.He begs Gabby to break it off with her boyfriend/fiance and enter a relationship with him fully. She can’t give him an answer within his timeframe of a few minutes, and so he leaves with a broken heart. She ends up telling her boyfriend/fiance everything, and breaks it off with him, then returns to her parent’s home to settle her thoughts and heart. Travis unable to give up, goes to her workplace to find she has returned home, and follows her there to propose marriage to her.


She agrees and they marry, have kids in a montage of life over the years. Then we end at about 3 months before the beginning scene in the movie.

Travis & Gabby have plans for a night out, and  Travis gets a last minute walk in at his vet clinic. Missing a call from Gabby and her feeling that she’s been stood up, she leaves the restaurant, while he heads out to meet her leaving a message for her.  The weather is inclement and she is involved in an accident that leaves her in a coma.


While debating after 3 months weather or not to take his beloved wife off of life support, Travis goes to their special spot to build a gazebo for his wife. This is after a hurricane that comes through and he uses parts of her home from before they married and his home. When the wind starts making her windchime sound, he somehow knows that despite the odds that she may never wake up after so long, that she’s woken up.


He races off to the hospital to find her awake and they continue their perfect life together.

My thoughts on this movie, are this. It’s a real tearjerker. It gets you in the feels. In this Nicholas Spark seems to have a talent. The story seemed somewhat lacking substance especially when you spend the first hour building up to where they decide to marry, and then have all the substance of the marriage, and difficulties that they faced as time wore on.

I didn’t like that the relationship started with an affair, because to me it showed he didn’t respect a relationship and for her that she could be easily convinced to leave something that seems good for a whim. It’s not what a real relationship is build from. There is no trust, no loyalty. It sets unreal expectations that having an affair will lead to happiness, when it really doesn’t. The story could have been much sweeter if both had been single to start with. Their love story would have been just as tearjerking and the ending would not have to have changed without the affair. The doctor could still have been her ex, and still told Travis he was too hard on himself for what happened to Gabby, still punched him out for hurting her feelings.

Overall I give the movie 3.5 stars. I feel that it could have been better with just a few changes.

3 and a half stars

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