STRUCK (Phoebe Meadows) by Amanda Carlson


STRUCK by Amanda Carlson

I received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Struck is Norse Mythology meets Real Life (think the Thor movies). Phoebe’s world just turned upside down on her. To top it off, she’s never been a fan of mythology so she really doesn’t know about the world she landed in.

Odin, Fenrir, Tyr, Loki, Thor, the Valkyrie, Norns and more monsters than she can imagine inhabit the world she finds hidden just beneath the surface of New York City. Struck sucked me in.

Amanda knows her mythology. The liberties she took with mythology don’t stick out like a sore thumb (not all UF/PR Authors can manage this). She blends her story into mythology so seamlessly that you can almost find her story in the old Norse tales.

Struck is enthralling, thrilling and just a bit sexy.

It sucks you through the portal into the 9 worlds, as you follow Phoebe on her journey.

Romance: PG-13/R (on camera: Heavy Petting, Nudity, 2nd Base, Off Camera: Sex)
Violence: Moderate (Fight scenes, torture, and descriptions of killing with blood)

I give the book 5 stars, but caution that those who like PG-13 romance/violence may get a bit more than they expected, and those who want X rated descriptions will get less than expected. If it were a movie I would give it an R rating due to Nudity and Violence.

5 stars

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