Ante Up (Sin City Collectors) by Amanda Carlson


Ante Up by Amanda Carlson
Audible Narration by  Emma Wilder

I received an audible copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The narrator for the Audio book is excellent.

This is another I enjoyed up to the very end. The explicit sex scene at the end could in my opinion be left out (or occurred off screen) and the story would lose nothing. Well written, and captivating, Diesel and Sofia make a great team. The flirtations between them let you know they both know there is chemistry between them, and sparks are flying everywhere.

Delving deeper into the super natural world of Las Vegas this book pulls you deeper into the world Amanda Carlson created. You really start to wonder if the world is just below the surface of our world.

I did end up skipping through most of the last chapter due to the sex.

Romance: R/X rating (Sex on screen, heavy petting, foreplay, explicit Sex dreams).
Violence: Moderate (Torture through mind to mind, fighting, death)

The blood and gore was much less pronounced than in Aces Wild and the fighting was much more what I would expect to see. Mostly off screen.

The sex/violence was not enough to keep me from continuing in the series as it was easily skipped.

This book receives a 4.5 star rating.

four and a half stars


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