All In (Sin City Collectors) by Amanda Carlson


All In by Amanda Carlson
Audible Narration by  Emma Wilder

I received an audible copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The narrator for the Audio book is excellent. The story is great. Amanda Carlson is a very talented story teller. I loved the book to the very end. This story of the 3 in the Sin City Collectors series she did was my favorite. It also had the least sex in it, and was mostly off camera.

The characters are complex and the world believable. You can almost believe that you’ll run into one of the super naturals while walking down the strip in Vegas.

Ginger is so turned around about how a succubus should feel, and what is or is not normal. Luke is learning that just because one individual is a total dirtbag, that everyone who shares a race gene with him can be lumped into the same category. Their mutual discovery that they can work out is heartwarming.

Romance: PG-13/R Rating (Heavy Petting, Sex, Nudity)
Violence: Moderate (Some fighting, Some mental abuse)

This book gets 5 stars from me. It had everything the other 2 books in the series Amanda wrote, but much less sex on camera. I did skip about 90 seconds of dialogue but that was all.

5 stars

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