A Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson


A Spy’s Devotion
Melanie Dickerson

Nicholas Langdon who is a bad attempt at mixing Mr Darcy (Pride & Prejudice), Mr Knightly (Emma), Edmond (Masnfield Park) and Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion). All the while trying to associate via proxy somewhat with the fame of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown by using the surname Langdon.

Julia Grey is an even worse mix of Emma (Emma), Jane/Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice), Fanny Price (Mansfield Park) and Mr Bean.

The start of the novel gives so much potential for the story, that I kept reading in hopes that the story might coalesce into a halfway decent story by the end. I should have given up after the fourth chapter when things started to go downhill in the story because it kept getting worse.

The language was inconsistent with that of the regency period in England, and the characters flipflopped so many times there was no way to guess what character you would get in the next scene. To top it off, you get dialog that could have been taken out of Pride & Prejudice and was badly rewritten to try to hide the fact that the author had no idea what she wanted to use the dialog for. (Examples when Julia is introduced to the mother of one of the characters you get dialog that is used by Lady Catherine de Bourgh when talking about Elizabeth becoming the lady of Pemberly), and Miss Grey’s letter is such a bad copy of Mr Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth).

To top it off Mr Langdon’s sister would be an outcast and shunned from polite society for her behavior, and would scandalize any young lady who associated with her.

Then you have the number of compromised governesses it talks about (A new one at every gathering), you would think that London had a shortage of governesses because they were constantly compromised by the gentlemen of the TON.

Then you have the 20+ year old governess who is woo’d by the young man of the house about her age attending Eaton. This is very inconsistent as enrollment in Eton is from ages 13 to 18. A young man over the age of 20 (around 24 from what I can tell in the story) wouldn’t be attending Eton. Nor would a child who is of age to attend Eton College pursue a relationship with a 24 year old governess. It literally took me less than 5 seconds to research this (and get a screenshot).


The Author didn’t do even the basic research to write this genre, and the bad writing has turned me off trying any of her other works. This book gets 2 stars from me. I didn’t like it, and I don’t recommend anyone read it.

2 Stars

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