Heroes & Thieves by Heather C. Myers


Heroes & Thieves
By Heather C Meyers

This review contains spoilers.

Belle (Arabella) has always been fascinated by pirates. Most of all one Aaron Donovan the Robin Hood of the Seven Seas.

We meet Arabella ‘Belle’ in Tortuga working as a bar maid. She associates with pirates, thieves and on occasion members of the Royal Navy. She’s obviously educated which would point to her being from a well to do family, but her history is unknown until later in the story.

There were many inconsistencies in this book, and while the story was a cute HEA, it seems like the author decided she wanted to come up with her own Pirates of the Caribbean story than actually research the few characters she put into the story.

See the Spoiler below for why the book received a full star deduction.

At the age of 13 Belle’s betrothed to the Heir (16) to an English Dutchy who joined the Navy* and is stationed in the Caribbean as to move up in rank quickly. After her fiance rapes her, Arabella runs away from home.

This part especially bothered me, not as much for the rape which was common, but with Ms Meyers use of an Heir for a Dutchy. In English history the Heir Apparent would rarely choose any career but more importantly one that was dangerous, such as the navy, unless the Dutchy was in financial ruin and they needed the possibility of war spoils to finance the Duchy in the future. The Navy would be the profession of a younger son (3rd or 4th) as Clergy and Law were more commonly chosen as professions and one who education was not a strong suit for the son… Ms. Meyers supposed Dutchy seemed to be very well off given the betrothal agreement given to Belle’s family.

Ms Meyers did a great job with the love interests in the story, and the characters were well rounded until you got to some of the minor characters who seemed a little two-dimensional.

The part of the story where Belle goes home seemed to be a little anti-climatic and some of the decisions of Aaron don’t really fit with the character he has established at the time.

Overall the book gets 4 stars from me. I recommend it for an adult who is okay with a little sex on screen but without much description. Ms Meyers could easily have left out the few paragraphs and had the sex off screen and lost nothing since she didn’t give much description anyway.

4 stars

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