Pete’s Dragon


I got to see Pete’s Dragon recently with my hubby.  I was reluctant to go see the new movie because I didn’t want a poor remake of the original (which wasn’t that great to begin with).  Thankfully Disney took a completely new spin on the movie making it similar that you felt the emotions from the original which was why it was any good, and kept the character types (caring, searching, lost, opportunist, etc).  You can match up characters to the original and some are completely new. I think Disney did a wonderful job with the new movie.


Pete is instantly lovable and Elliott is like a big puppy.


He watches over Pete and gets separation anxiety when Pete isn’t around.

What boy wouldn’t want his own dragon? What girl for that matter?

The thing that made me the most happy about the movie is that they didn’t over CGI Elliott and you could tell the actor who played Pete didn’t have to interact with a greenscreen. They gave him a prop for a lot of the action allowing the movie to seem that much more real. The CGI on Elliott was great and hopefully we soon can get to where my favorite series of all (Anne McCaffery’s Pern books) will someday soon become reality.


Pete’s Dragon gets 4.5 stars from me. I loved the movie, loved the way they did it, and that they made it a new movie. My mark down comes from Disney trying too hard to tie characters from the old film to some of the characters in the new film.

four and a half stars

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