Freed (Phoebe Meadows book 2) by Amanda Carlson


Amanda Carlson

Phoebe hasn’t had it easy since being struck. She’s been tossed through the 9 realms, and along the way found Fenrir (hunka hunka wolf) her boyfriend and Tyr (her half brother). Life at the Valkyrie Stronghold hasn’t been a cake walk either, although she’s getting stronger and learning to fight. When an old friend comes and tells her that if she doesn’t move quickly all chances of getting her mother back will be lost, yet more adventures come her way.

Phoebe’s ability to inspire loyalty among those she meets is amazing and she has a knack of finding the people she needs to succeed in her tasks. In this book we meet a whage (White Mage), a Milf (Not what you think it is), and Baldur the Norse god of light.

Again Amanda seamlessly wove mythology into our world, and you barely notice the liberties she took. You really have to know your (Norse) mythology to catch the inconsistencies.

You will love the antics Phoebe gets into and I loved the ending.

I do wonder if we meet Hermod in the next book.

Must read. 5 Stars

5 stars

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