Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Friday Rogue One was released. This story is essentially Episode 3.9 in the StarWars franchise. My awesome boss once again rented a theater for the entire company and we got to see the movie on opening day for free! Yes I have the best boss in the entire world. I don’t say this because I think he will read my blog, as I doubt he will ever see this post. I say it because I do have a great boss.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rogue One, and although I am not of the opinion that it is one of the best Star Wars movies, it does rate above the prequels. My favorites are still The Empire Strikes back and Force Awakens. I definitely rank this a Must See movie at 4.5 star rating.

four and a half stars

Yes,  if you continue reading this post will contain spoilers. If you haven’t seen Rogue One, I highly suggest you not read this post further. Additionally, I highly recommend reading Catalyst (or listening on Audible) before seeing the movie as it is episode 3.5/3.7ish in the time line and explains much of what is missing in the movie, and gives you a better insight into some of the choices made by characters such as Galen Erso, Orson Krennic and Jyn Erso. It also gives you a good look at Orson Krennic our bad guy for Rogue One.


If you’re reading this far, I’ve warned you as best I can.

First: I’m going to cover some of the characters in Rogue One. I will do my best not to give away anything that isn’t already known, but inevitably there will be spoilers.


Galen Erso:

Galen is Jyn’s father and the mind behind the weapon in the Death Star. You may think he’s one of the bad guys, but in reading Catalyst first, he was a neutralist who would side neither with the Republic or the Separatists during the clone wars. After the war was finished, he joined the Empire’s  Project Celestial Power to help provide power to worlds in the galaxy after the war. Orson Krennic his one time friend who had recruited him to the project worked with another team to weaponize Galen’s research. When Galen figured out what Krennic was up to he left the project also leaving Coruscant with his wife and daughter to Lah’mu. This is where we first meet him, his wife and Jyn.


Jyn Erso:

Daughter of Galen Erso, and adopted daughter of Saw Gerrera, a Rebel Extremest. She was abandoned by Saw when she was 16. She uses aliases to navigate her way through the empire. Jyn was born on Vallt during the clone wars, and lived with her parents on Coruscant until her father and mother left for Lah’mu. She is rescued from an Imperial Labor camp by Andor Cassian and K2-SO and tasked by the Rebellion Council to help Andor get a meeting with Saw Gerrera.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) Ph: Jonathan Olley �Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

Orson Krennic:

Bad guy extraordinaire.  Head of the weapons project for the Empire. He has an ongoing rivalry with Grand Moff Tarkin over who should lead the project. He uses deception to recruit the unwilling to the project.  He is ambitious to the point of recklessness at times.


Bhodi Rook:

Bhodi is a defector from the Empire and friend of Galen Erso. He delivers Galen’s message to Saw’s rebels. He leaves Imperial service in order to redeem himself from misdeeds done in the name of the Empire.


Captain Andor Cassian:

Captian Cassian plays many rolls in the Rebellion. Spy, Assassin, Head of Rebel Intelligence. He rescues Jyn from an Imperial prison labor camp, and takes her to the rebel base on Yavin.  He is tasked with taking Jyn to Saw Gerrera and then to find her father and take him for trial in the senate by Mon Mothma.


Chirrut Îmwe:

One of the remaining Guardians of the Wills in the Holy City of Jedha. Although blind, he is a fierce fighter, and devout believer in the force. He is rarely without his friend ‎Baze Malbus at his side.


‎Baze Malbus:

Another former Guardian of the Wills. Chirrut says that he was once the most devout of the guardians. Unlike Chirrut, he lost belief in spirituality, including the Force when the Jedi fell.


Saw Gerrera:

Rebel extremest, and adoptive father of Jyn Erso. He is at odds with the rebellion due to his extremism. He sees Galen’s message and he knows that Bodhi believes it’s real. He shows the message to Jyn on the moon of Jedha.



An Imperial droid who has had a memory wipe performed by the Rebellion, and Captain Cassian’s side kick. Part of the memory wipe causes K2-SO to say whatever is on his mind.  He is often at odds with Jyn.


Okay, From here I promise spoilers. I will not hold back at all.

Rogue One is a precursor to Episode IV: A New Hope.  It is the story of obtaining the Death Star Plans at Great Cost, and the completion of the Death Star from Catalyst.

The main story line takes part on 2 to 3 planets. First major planet is the moon of Jedha and the holy city of Jedha. In Jedha, Jyn and Andor Cassian are looking for a way to talk to Saw Guerra. They are saved from Imperial Storm Troopers by Baze and Chirrut.


Of course they find Saw Gerrera’s rebels and Jyn is able to speak to Saw, and see her father’s message.

There is destruction


And then Jyn and Andor, as well as Chirrut, Baze and Bodhi are on their way to the world of Eadu where Galen has worked with a team of engineers to complete the weapon for the death star.


Jyn is reunited with her father, only to lose him in a Rebellion Strike on the Imperial base. He dies in her arms. After the events on Eadu, Jyn, Cassian and party return to Yavin to report to the Rebel Command. With the successful test fire of the Death Star the rebellion is ready to fall apart.

Cassian and Jyn decide to go to Scarif on their own to obtain the plans that her father told her of, and are joined by Bhodi, Chirrut and Baze along with some of the other rebellion fighters. As they are leaving they are asked by Rebellion Command who they are, and the party answers Rogue One.


The Rebels use a stolen imperial transport ship to gain entry to Scarif and the vault of plans, searching for the Death Star plans.


The small party infiltrates the vault, and cause enough havoc that many in the Rebellion join in the fight.


There is much fighting, and much death.

In the end the plans are successfully transmitted to the Rebel Fleet.


Jyn and Cassian share an embrace

And all of our new cast of characters for Rogue One well The comment that the plans were obtained at great cost is fully true because


I give the movie Rogue One 4.5 stars. Some things are not explained well in the movie, but the book and Catalyst explain them better. Still a must see movie.

four and a half stars

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