La Belle et la Bete (Beauty & The Beast)

Beauty & The Beast Disney’s newest live action adaptation starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast has garnered a lot of media attention both good and not so good.

I went to see Beauty & The Beast with my hubby and some friends as a group date on March 18th. I had been in Disneyland from March 6th through the 10th and seen the 8 minute sneak preview of the movie several times. To top this off Beauty & The Beast (animated) was my favorite movie growing up. Probably not for the reason you would think.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to readers of my blog that I fell in love with the library. I related to Belle on many levels. I loved reading, and lived in a world of my own making rather than live in the world that was going on around me.  I love reading stories and escaping to new places without leaving my chair.

I loved the live action Beauty & The Beast. This is one case of perfect casting, and subtle adjustments that help the story.  In fact this telling is closer to the original publications of the Beauty & The Beast stories than the animated version was.

The Enchantress at the beginning was perfectly done, and I love how she played into the movie at the ending as well. No I will not give it away if you haven’t seen the movie other than that she makes an appearance at the end to undo her spell.

Luke Evans and Josh Gad were perfectly cast as Gaston and LeFou. I know they set the movie in 1700s France and as close as I can tell it would be around 1735-1740 based off events mentioned in the movie.  Josh Gad brings so much character to LeFou and is a perfectly flamboyant frenchman.

Emma Watson brought an unconventional Belle to life and some alterations were made to make her more independent. I felt that the changes didn’t deter from the story but enhanced it greatly. Kevin Kline played Maurice perfectly, and brought a great deal of love and support to Belle. He is somewhat lost in the past, while also being able to be a supportive father to Belle.

My favorite changes in the live action movie were the subtle changes to the songs, and the Gaston song was spectacularly done.  I loved the new songs, and was excited when ‘Human Again‘ wasn’t in the movie. The best addition to the Gaston song is when LaFou sings

And his name’s G-A-S-T… I believe there’s another T… It just occurred to me that I’m illiterate and I’ve never actually had to spell it out loud before…

No I didn’t forget our favorite Enchanted people in the castle (Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumière and Plumette).  The CGI was incredible and again the casting was perfect. At the end I felt for Cogsworth.

One addition I was unsure of how it would work was the Magic Atlas. This piece enhances the story incredibly and I am thrilled after seeing the movie that they added this item. What it brings to the story is something I felt has been missing from the animated film for a long time.

And no I haven’t forgotten the library. I loved the library in the live action. There is one dialogue between Belle and the Beast that I absolutely loved. Belle and Beast are both well read. Beast asks Belle what her favorite story is and she says Romeo and Juliette. Beast then laughs and says it figures. He isn’t a fan of that story (neither am I) and takes Belle to the library to give her something better to read.

Oh and The Dresses. They are amazing. I love the dresses.  The dresses will cost you some serious $$$ if you purchase from Disney but the replicas are gorgeous.

And the dancing…

Oh and we can’t forget this dress… It’s gorgeous as well… And if you want one for your daughter be prepaired to drop some serious $$$ at Disney Store for it.

Oh you want to know about the “Gay Moment” and why I didn’t mention it????

If you gauge what movies you will or won’t watch based off a comment from a director and are using Beauty & The Beast as your measuring stick, you might as well just stop watching movies and TV now. There was nothing that would offend anyone in this movie. You see more “Exclusively Gay Moments” on Prime Time TV than you will see in this movie. To me it’s a non-issue, and one I wish I could just bypass all together in my review.

This film gets 5 Stars.

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