I’m back!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. After a year and a half leave of absence, I am ready to return to the blogging sphere. I am excited to return and share with you all the things I love.

A lot has changed for me in the last year and a half, and you will see some changes as to how I do things here. 

First is the sidebar. 

  • I am adding shows I am watching. I tend to binge-watch shows and not really watch live TV, so this makes it easier to update.
  • I am adding additional reading formats to the sidebar.
  • I will be sharing Foreign Language books I read.

Second: Review Format

  • I am going to focus on shifting my review style to a more standardized format. 

Third: Shows

  • Since I have shared reviews of Movies I watched, I will also start sharing with you some of the shows I watch. I will be doing overall show reviews as well as episode recaps. The overall reviews will not have any spoilers. Recaps will.

Things that don’t change:

  • You will still see many of my favorite authors pop up in the reviews. If you have a recommendation or suggestions for me, please reach out through my facebook page, which is linked on the sidebar. 

Thank you for sticking around. I hope it was worth the wait.


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