Bio: I am the first, second, forth, fourth and seventh child in my family. Yes, you did read that right. I am the first child of my parent's marriage. I was second oldest growing up at home. I am my mom's fourth child, as well as father's fourth child. And of all the children I am Seven of Nine. (Yes I just have to throw in the Star Trek reference). I was born in October 1979, in Kansas City, Kansas. My mom wanted to name me Rebecca; however when I was born my mom took one look at me and said... “That’s not a Becca that’s a Heidi” and that’s how I got my name. Looking back it’s a good thing. My mom’s sister had a little girl the day before I was born who was named Rebecca. Now Mom didn’t know this when she was picking my name out… In fact… Mom didn’t know her sister was pregnant at all. Mom called Grandma and said… I just had a Heidi… Grandma said “That’s great news… Your sister just had a Rebecca” I have lived in Kansas City KS, Provo UT, Detroit (Troy) MI, Spokane WA, Salt Lake City, UT, Pleasant Grove, UT and currently reside in Stansbury Park, UT. I live with my husband and our corgi AKC: Princess Leia Organa called Leia I am an avid reader of fantasy books, as well as any books that deal with ancient Celtic or Pictish culture. Some of my favorite authors are Robert Jordan, Anne McCaffrey, Kristen Painter, Brandon Sanderson and, Juliette Marillier. I am an aspiring author, published poet, and enjoy taking photographs. I currently work for Innovative Market Analysis doing support for stock analysis programs.

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