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The First Lie by Virginia King

The First Lie by Virginia King
Audible Narration by Katherine Littrell

Someone is trying to kill you.

Selkie Moon is a woman on the run. Escaping her abusive husband to start over in Hawaii, she thinks she’s safe at last. Then a voice in a dream warns: Someone is trying to kill you. Not that Selkie’s psychic. No way.

But the messages escalate and the threats mount. Is a ghostly woman stalking her? Tangled in local superstition, the mystery becomes so bizarre and terrifying that Selkie’s instinct is to keep running.

But is she running from her past or her future?

And are these ‘otherworldly’ clues really all they seem?

Cancel a couple of night’s sleep and join Selkie Moon on the roller-coaster ride of her life.

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Nocturne Falls Universe Part 1


Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls Universe books released yesterday. These were books written by authors she invited to write in Nocturne Falls. I was given a copy of each of these 6 books by the publisher. My reviews were not influenced by this.

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Star Wars VII The Force Awakens


I have the best boss in the world. He rented a theater for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens on opening day, and yes, I was there to see the movie. Now you’re asking yourself why I waited two weeks to post my review (or if your one of my loyal readers, maybe you’re not as you know I’m generally not the most prompt poster).

In this case, it was an intentional decision not to post immediately. I wanted to give people a chance to see the movie before I posted, as I couldn’t post my review spoiler free. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want a spoiler, you might want to stop reading here. I will try to not give major spoilers.

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Spell of the Ball Anthology

NF 4.5 Spell

Spell of the Ball

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