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Authors I will always read – part 1

As you know, my dear reader, I am an avid consumer of the written word. I have read my entire life. I have read many series and authors. You may have seen through reviews that there are authors I have returned to reading over and over. This post is my first installment of authors I will always read regardless of what it is they write. I also plan on doing a post of authors I will never read again and authors I will re-read (deceased). I hope my dear reader, that you enjoy this post. Without further ado, I will start my list. For this list, I am only including authors I have read at least 3 books they have written. I am also trying to introduce the authors in order of my discovery of them, and not in any particular order of favoritism.

1. Brandon Sanderson

I first discovered Brandon in 2007 after Robert Jordan’s death. When it was announced that he would be completing the series I first started reading in 1994, I decided I had to find out what kind of author he was, and if I would read the final book he was stepping in to write. As we all know, it turned into 3 books. I started with his book Elantris and then the first two books in the Mistborn trilogy. I had to wait a bit for the third but bought it the day it released. I knew after the first two books I read, that Harriet had picked the right author to finish the series. I had also discovered a new favorite author. I am woefully behind on some of his books and trying to catch up, especially with the Mistborn Wax and Wayne books, and some of the shorter stories released with Arcanium Unbound. One of my goals is to finish these series and stories, while also checking out some of his non-Cosmere books (Alcatraz Versus
the Evil Librarians
) as I have heard they are books I would enjoy. As a prolific writer, it may be daunting on where to start with his series. Especially once you find out that most of his series are interconnected via the Cosmere (Brandon’s expanded universe). While his magic systems seem miles apart between series, they are all interconnected. I recommend starting with Elantris, Mistborn: The Final Empire, Warbreaker, or if you feel especially ambitious The Way of Kings (Probably still my favorite book to this day).

2. Kristen Painter

Kristen Painter is an author I adore. I discovered her when I found the book Blood Rites at Barnes & Noble and had to buy it because of the cover. To this day, this is the only book I have ever bought just for the cover. Over the past 9 years, I have followed her, and for the past 5 to 6 years, I have been fortunate enough to be one of her advanced readers. While I receive an ebook copy of every release from this author, I also order her paperback copies as soon as they are available on Amazon. She is an amazing author and her ability to weave stories is incredible. If you are interested I recommend starting with Blood Rites (linked above), The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride, The Trouble with Witches, or Suck it Up, Buttercup. If you wonder why I have left out the Jayne Frost* mysteries in this list, I recommend the official reading order for the Nocturne Falls Universe which puts the first Jayne Frost book after book 8 in the Nocturne Falls series.
*See Kristen Painter’s Reading list here.*

3. Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson is an author I discovered through Kristen Painter by reading her Sin City Collector’s series. Amanda wrote every other book in the collection, and I enjoyed her stories in the collection albeit not as much as Kristen’s stories. It is through her Holly Danger and Phoebe Meadows series that I have come to adore her work. I don’t know how I would classify Amanda as an author as she has Paranormal, Fantasy, and Dystopian works. Amanda is another author I have been lucky enough to become an Advance Reader for, and have received her Phoebe Meadows and Holly Danger ebooks from the author. I have purchased the paperback copies and Audible books of hers. I have yet to read the Jessica McClain series, but it is on my TBR. If you are interested in her Fantasy/Mythology come to life series then I recommend reading Struck, the first book of the Phoebe Meadows series. If you feel Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic is your flavor, then Danger’s Halo is your go-to book. If Paranormal is your dish, Jessica McClain and Full Blooded is the book you want to read.

4. R. A. Salvatore

Known as the creator of Drizzt Do’Urden he is a prolific writer in the Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms. I own and have read about half of his works and continue to acquire and read these books. I was told to start with Homeland and then go from there. I know that I have read the books out of order, and recently found a suggested reading order that if you want to start with this author, will be helpful in feeling you aren’t missing something in the reading of the series.

5. Daniel Abraham/M.L.N. Hanover

Daniel Abraham who also writes under the pen names M. L. N. Hanover and James S. A. Corey is an author I found twice. Once as M. L. N. Hanover through his Black Sun’s Daughter series then again as Daniel Abraham with the Coin and the Dagger series. I have yet to read his other series, but they are currently on my TBR list. I highly recommend both series. The Dragon’s Path is the first book of the Dagger and the Coin series. Unclean Spirits is the first book in The Black Sun’s Daughter series. Much like Amanda Carlson, classifying the genre of Daniel Abraham would have to be done more by the name written under than overall as an author. The Black Sun’s Daughter series is what I would classify as Urban Fantasy, while The Dagger and the Coin series are fantasy. He is also the author behind The Expanse and The Long Price Quartet. The Expanse written under James S. A. Corey is Science Fiction where The Long Price Quartet written as Daniel Abraham is another Fantasy series.

6. Naomi Novik

I don’t remember when I first discovered Naomi Novik as an author. I think I ended up getting her first few books fairly closely together. I know they were released closely, but again I can’t say for sure when this occurred. What drew me to her as an author to try was the premise of ‘What would happen if the Napoleonic wars were fought with dragons?’ As someone who grew up reading Anne McCaffery, I couldn’t help but want to read any book that involved dragons. The real history behind the book was another bonus as I’m a history buff, and love alternative history. In His Majesty’s Service, the first book of the Temeraire series was an amazing read. I am woefully behind with her new series outside of the Temeraire series, and really need to re-catchup with her writings.

7. Tad Williams

While Tad Williams is probably one of the first authors I read back in the 90s while in High School with his Memory, Sorrow, and The Thorn series, I am adding him as discovered later, as I didn’t remember I had read him before when I discovered the ShadowMarch series. I want to say I discovered this series about the time the second book was released, but I don’t remember exactly. It was only on researching his other books when I finished this series I realized that I had read one of the series while in High School. This is yet another author that while woefully behind on, I continue to purchase his books and try to catch up with.

I will stop here, for now, dear reader. My books are still in boxes as I await the purchase of new bookcases to house my books, and my brain is starting to revolt with a new migraine. I have woefully left you high and dry without many posts this year. I am one of those lucky enough in this new age of COVID-19 to have maintained my job, and work has been busy. I was also contracted by the developers of the mobile game I play to write some stories to give a background to the characters in the game and help round out the characters. This is not an excuse for neglecting you, dear reader, and for this, I apologize. I will be working on once again picking up the reviews you so enjoy. For now, my head is saying that it is time to conclude. I will endeavor to post again soon.

Let me know if you have read any of these authors, and which authors you recommend in the comments. I would love to know which authors you read, as I am always looking for a new author to read.

Thank you for staying and reading, dear reader. I will see you again soon.

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Exiled by Amanda Carlson

Exiled by Amanda Carlson

Phoebe having freed her half-brother from prison only to have him die at the hands of the Norns is now on trial for his death. Her arrival in Asgard is met with mixed feelings of intrigue and hostility. She is a novelty to the Asgardian population as the hidden daughter of Odin. The Goddess Frigg is inconsolable over the loss of her son and she holds Phoebe personally responsible even if hers was not the hand that killed him.

Phoebe and Fenrir must now navigate their way through their own trials and find a way to survive Helheim and Fenrir’s sister Hel as well as keeping clear of the Norns who still wish for Phoebe’s death while trying to save Baldur.

I loved the book and all of the twists Amanda put into the book. You definitely need to read Struck and Freed before reading Exiled. These stories are thoroughly enjoyable and Amanda’s rewrite of Norse Mythology is believable. If you don’t like any deviation of Norse Mythology you may not enjoy parts of the story as Amanda does take liberties, but her understanding of the Mythology shows even when she deviates from the storyline

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Exiled by Amanda Carlson


Amanda Carlson

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Audible Giveaway: Struck: Amanda Carlson

Would you like a free audible copy of Struck by Amanda Carlson?


If you would like an Audible copy of Struck by Amanda Carlson you’ve found the right giveaway.

I have 1 copy to give away. You ask what do you need to do to win this giveaway?

Simple. Make a comment with the following 3 items.
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I will select my winner using on November 30th at 5:00 PM Mountain US Time (GMT -7).

Please note that comments are moderated so there may be a delay in your comment posting. I’ve had some problems with inappropriate comments being posted.

Winner is: Belinda Clemons Congratulations.


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Freed (Phoebe Meadows book 2) by Amanda Carlson


Amanda Carlson

Phoebe hasn’t had it easy since being struck. She’s been tossed through the 9 realms, and along the way found Fenrir (hunka hunka wolf) her boyfriend and Tyr (her half brother). Life at the Valkyrie Stronghold hasn’t been a cake walk either, although she’s getting stronger and learning to fight. When an old friend comes and tells her that if she doesn’t move quickly all chances of getting her mother back will be lost, yet more adventures come her way.

Phoebe’s ability to inspire loyalty among those she meets is amazing and she has a knack of finding the people she needs to succeed in her tasks. In this book we meet a whage (White Mage), a Milf (Not what you think it is), and Baldur the Norse god of light.

Again Amanda seamlessly wove mythology into our world, and you barely notice the liberties she took. You really have to know your (Norse) mythology to catch the inconsistencies.

You will love the antics Phoebe gets into and I loved the ending.

I do wonder if we meet Hermod in the next book.

Must read. 5 Stars

5 stars

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Struck by Amanda Carlson (Audible version)

Authored by: Amanda Carlson
Narrated by: Emma Wilder

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All In (Sin City Collectors) by Amanda Carlson


All In by Amanda Carlson
Audible Narration by  Emma Wilder

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Ante Up (Sin City Collectors) by Amanda Carlson


Ante Up by Amanda Carlson
Audible Narration by  Emma Wilder

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Aces Wild (Sin City Collectors) by Amanda Carlson


Aces Wild by Amanda Carlson
Audible Narration by  Emma Wilder

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STRUCK (Phoebe Meadows) by Amanda Carlson


STRUCK by Amanda Carlson

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